Часто задаваемые вопросы

Are imported original spare parts interchangeable and compatible with your products?
Yes, the structural and geometrical dimensions of our spare parts correspond to the original ones, for example, on the tracks sold by CHETRA LLC, you can install original shoes, etc.
Is the quality of the undercarriage assemblies produced by the Cheboksary Aggregate Plant comparable with the original products of well-known European manufacturers?
The quality of spare parts produced by the Cheboksary Aggregate Plant meets the requirements of leading world standards. In addition, we act as OEM suppliers for domestic heavy equipment, since our products are supplied to the assembly lines of the leading Russian machine-building companies.
What are track shoes made of ?
Of rolled steel of various sizes produced partly in Russia, most of the shoe profiles are supplied from Italy from DoferCo.
How will the use of the DoferCo profile affect the quality of the tracks?
The quality of the DoferCo profile has been tested in many years of operation and is recommended by leading manufacturers of industrial equipment (Caterpillar, Dressta, NewHolland, Case) and European manufacturers of undercarriage systems. We fully keep our commitment to product quality (service life and warranty period) at the same high level.
What parts are the tracks made of ?
Almost all track components are manufactured at PJSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Plant", with the exception of the shoe profile and the seal for the hinges and track rollers. The shoe profile is purchased in Italy from the DoferCo company, the seals - in Italy, Korea or at the LLC PK Promtractor company.
Is there a guarantee for your products?
Yes, all our products come with a warranty.
What is the mileage of the tracks supplied by CHETRA LLC?
Up to 12,000 operating hours depending on operating conditions.
Why is the time for consideration of the possibility of production of non-serial products so long?
According to the internal regulations, the process of approval of non-serial products takes place in the technical departments of CHETRA LLC, Mikont LLC and PC ChAZ LLC. The approval process depends on the components used, the technical features of the requested non-serial products, as well as on the technical capabilities of production.
Are products shipped without prepayment or with payment by installments?
Without prepayment, shipment is carried out only to official dealers and customers who have received the status of "Strategic partner". You can get more detailed information from the specialists of our company.
What are delivery terms after the conclusion of the contract ?
In accordance with the terms stated by the transport company. For example, delivery of goods to Magadan is carried out within 45 days from the date of shipment from the plant.
What is the time frame for production if the goods are not in stock?
Within 30-45 days from the date of payment.
Can I buy discounted products?
The maximum discounts on retail products can be obtained in our online store http://www.chaz-spc.ru/shop/
Where can I find a list of authorized dealers with their contact information?
All our partners are presented in the "Dealers" section. For the convenience of users, the list is differentiated by countries and federal districts of the Russian Federation.