Partners` feedback

Partner's feedback of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry
On the 16th of February 2015 the representatives of CSPC LLC took part in the Seminar and B2B Meetings on "India-Eurasia Business Partnership".
Partner`s feedback “Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company” JSC
In an open-pit mine «Vinogradovskiy» there are eight «Komatsu» dozers D-375A in “Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company” JSC since 2008/2010. In 2010 through the dealer network of Grand-Tractor company we bought two track group assemblies K-280-22-000-03SB, produced by Cheboksary Aggregate Plant for dozer D-375A-5D. The main reason for our choice was an attractive price in comparison with original track group assembly.
Partner`s feedback “UM KSM” LLC
For many years already «UM KSM» LLC uses undercarriage systems produced by ChAZ (Cheboksary) for ChTZ technique (Chelyabinsk) on the base of the machines T-170/T-130.
Partner`s feedback ”Kontakt -C", LLC
Our Company is a constant consumer of the elements of undercarriage systems supplied by "Chaz" JSC for CHETRA machinery. This decision was made due to the quality of manufactured products. Caterpillars, rollers, idlers and sprockets have a longer service life as compared with analogues of other manufacturers, what directly affects the payback period of the equipment and the cost of ownership.
Partner`s feedback "Moavtodor" JSC
In 2011-2012 our company "Karieroupravlenie "Mosavtodor" JSC purchased spare parts for the bulldozer T-170 undercarriage system produced by Chaz TM, namely: caterpillars, rollers and a sprocket crown. In the process of machinery operation after installation of the spare parts mentioned above, it turned out that the spare parts produced by Chaz TM are of a higher quality as compared to analogues of other manufacturers.
Partner`s feedback  "Kotlasskoye DRSU" JSC
At the moment "Kotlasskoye DRSU" JSC is operating the bulldozer equipment manufactured by "Promtractor"JSC. To keep the operated machinery in running order we use the original spare parts purchased from the «CSPC» LLC with the help of their dealers (representatives).
Partner`s feedback «Sibzolotorazvedka» JSC
Since 2011 our company has been using undercarriage systems supplied by «CSPC» LLC. We can say that the life and operation time of these undercarriage systems are almost at the same level with the products of such manufacturers as ITM and ITR (Italy).
Partner`s feedback "Uryumkan", LLC
Speaking of the spare parts for undercarriage systems produced by JSC "CHAZ", which are supplied by «CSPC» LLC for our equipment both of Russian and foreign production, one can note the stable high quality of supplied units and components. Our company owns a broad machinery line, especially expensive imported ones, that is why cooperation with «CSPC» LLC allows us to constantly maintain performance of our bulldozers, and this in its turn provides high economic efficiency of the operation.