About the brand


ChAZ TM is a well-known brand of spare parts for industrial, agricultural, logging and construction equipment of domestic and foreign production in Russia and abroad. ChAZ TM products are ready for highly efficient operation in any, including extreme, operating conditions.  

ChAZ TM means own developments and quality control throughout the entire production cycle.

ChAZ TM is use of only high quality raw materials and materials in the production.

CHAZ TM is a wide network of warehouses and dealerships (more than 100) in the Russian Federation and abroad.

CHAZ TM  is a wide assortment: more than 3,000 items of reliable original spare parts and components.

CHAZ TM means competitive, fair manufacturer prices and a guarantee of full protection against the purchase of counterfeit products .

CHAZ TM is its own online store with a convenient order form and individual transaction support.

The guarantee of  high quality products manufactured under the ChAZ TM brand is a long - term experience and constant optimization of the production of the Cheboksary Aggregate Plant. PC ChAZ LLC traces its history since 1951 and it has been recognized for many decades as a leader in its segment. The production processes of the enterprise are adapting to the needs of the market, there is a constant work on the modernization of products. Undercarriage assemblies, forgings, castings and machined parts by Cheboksary Aggregate Plant are supplied as components to assembly lines of leading machine-building enterprises in Russia, and the reliability and quality of spare parts have won the trust of not only Russian, but also foreign buyers.