About the brand

лого.jpgCHAZ TM – is the separate trading mark of undercarriage and its fast-worn-out components produced by CHAZ LSC and Kurganmashzavod JSC (Machinery & Industrial Group N.V.).

Communication platform CHAZ TM:

CHAZ TM - is a partner, that will improve the quality and increase the operation life of your equipment.

CHAZ TM mission is customers providing by undercarriage spare parts for industrial equipment operating in heavy extreme conditions of exploitation.

CHAZ TM – high quality, that meet the requirements of the international standard

CHAZ TM – reliability of the equipment in different conditions of operation

CHAZ TM – modern ways of the production and innovations

Top consumers of CHAZ TM productions

  • Diamond and gold mining industry
  • Agricultural branch
  • Road construction
  • Oil and gaz industry
  • Timber industry
  • Coal mining
  • Construction enterprises

Advantage of brand

  • Long-term traditions and experience of manufacture
  • Guaranty of high quality
  • Innovations and scientific approach

Guarantee of CHAZ TM brand products high quality is long-term experience and regular optimization CHAZ JSC capacities. CHAZ JSC history starts since 1951 and it is known as accepted leader in the market within long time. All technologies and machine-tooling fleet of CHAZ are always renewing according to the market needs. CHAZ is a supplier of assembling lines of many Russian machine-building factories. Reliability and quality of spare parts win the trust of Russian and foreign customers.

CHAZ TM is a follower of the best CHAZ JSC traditions.