New series of import-substituting track group assemblies and track link assemblies of brand CHaZ™

IMG_8271_1_вниз.jpgIn September the range of the specialized trading company LLC «CSPC» («CSPC» is included into Machinery Industrial Group N.V.) will replenish with new import-substituting track group assemblies and track links of the KZh203 series of brand ChAZ™.

The main advantage of new track group assemblies is the liquid greasing in joint, that provides a high resource of working capacity even in the most severe conditions of operation: in the conditions of Far North, on the sandy flooded and rocky soil. Half links locking allows making repetitive removal and installation of track group assemblies and tracking links at maintenance and repair of equipment without deterioration of their operational properties. Track group assemblies are fungible with OEM – parts: shoes have the same coordinates of openings for their fastening on track links as the shoes of original manufacturers. Fastening on shoes is made by the same shoe’s bolts and shoe’s nuts as at OEM- parts (with inch series or metric screw tread). Track group assemblies of KZh203 series have the same number of links as original spare parts. For different types of conditions track group assemblies may be completed with the shoes of width from 510 to 950.

By requests of Russian resource-extraction enterprises, the equipment of which works in the conditions of hard cutting wear, the decision to enter modifications of track group assemblies of KZh203 series which will be completed with the shoes made of Russian profile was made. According to their geometrical dimensions (grouser height and the width of profile is more than at import analogues) Russian profile has higher rates of life time on wear under heavy conditions of operation.

IMG_8295)_вниз.jpgThe import-substituting KZh203 series has the bigger designated area by the wide range of solutions. New track group assemblies and track link assemblies, depending on modifications, may be established on the following models of dozers:

- Komatsu - D60A, D60F, D60E, D60S, D60P, D65A, D65E, D65EX, D65S, D65P, D65PX, D68P, D85ESS; 

- Shantui - SD16/C/T/R, SD16L/TL/R, SD16E;

- PengPu - PD165Y-2, TY160G; 

- XGMA - XG4161L;

- Zoom lion - ZD160-3, ZD160S-3; 

- Dadi - MD16.

Track group assemblies and track link assemblies of KZh230 series of brand CHaZ™ have higher lifetime. The warranty life of equipment is 4000 motohours. The operation life, according to running conditions, may achieve to 10000 motohours.

Photo: Assemblage of track link assemblies of brand CHaZ™ on Cheboksary Aggregate Plant. Finished products storage area.