Partner`s feedback "Uryumkan", LLC

Partner`s feedback "Uryumkan", LLC

A review of the partner "Uryumkan", LLC

Speaking of the spare parts for undercarriage systems produced by JSC "CHAZ", which are supplied by «CSPC» LLC for our equipment both of Russian and foreign production, one can note the stable high quality of supplied units and components. Our company owns a broad machinery line, especially expensive imported ones, that is why cooperation with «CSPC» LLC allows us to constantly maintain performance of our bulldozers, and this in its turn provides high economic efficiency of the operation.

Regarding the service life and error-free running time of the caterpillars, rollers and segments proposed by «CSPC» LLC one should note that they are almost at the same level with the products of leading world manufacturers. The operation time of tracks and support rollers is at the level of 4,500 to 5,000 motor-hours on a tractor, which is less than that of the original undercarriage systems, but taking into account the significant difference in the prices, we prefer the spare parts of «CSPC» LLC.

We are happy to work with the Russian supplier, as we are aware of the place of manufacturing, and the requirements specified for it.

I want to note that «CSPC» LLC constantly develops and solves the problems that appear. Now we obtain the first batch of caterpillars with new shoes produced by another manufacturer and we will observe how they will show themselves, although the manufacturer's warranty remained the same.

We will be glad to continue to use these spare parts. We are sure that the cooperation with Cheboksary is profitable for us.

General Director of "Uryumkan", LLC
S.G. Berbidaev